The Xaxli’p Community Settlement Agreement is a source of funding that comes from the St’at’imc Hydro Settlement Agreement signed May 10, 2010 by the 10 partcipating St’at’imc communities.

The Xaxli’p Settlement fund portion annually, there are 11 categories that the SFWG will use as the guiding principles for the settlement fund distributions.


These categories are:

  1. Administraton and Governance
  2. Culture and Heritage
  3. Economic Development and Wellbeing
  4. Environment and Natural Resources
  5. Infrastructure and Programming
  6. Charity/Community Support
  7. Aboriginal Title, Rights or Responsibilites
  8. Social and Spiritual Wellbeing 9) Education and Training
  9. Health
  10. Recreation and Sports


The Xaxli’p membership has delegated the Xaxli’p Chief and Council to develop policy and guidelines and an application form for the Xaxli’p Community Settlement Funds. These guidelines will be used in the distribution of the funds. The documents have been drafted and accepted at a duly convened Xaxli’p Community meeting on July 13, 2013.

The Xaxli’p Community Settlement Funds working group has been formed to review applications that are submitted to the Xaxli’p Chief and Council for access to the Xaxli’p Community Settlement funds.