Membership Clerk’s primary responsibilities are designating, compiling and maintaining Membership, Band and Registry Lists for the members of the Xaxli’p.

Other roles and responsibilities include:

  • Registering newborns
  • Transfers
  • Marriages
  • Status Cards
  • Commissioner for taking affidavits
  • Pictures for firearms
  • Name changes
  • Blood quantum letters
  • Letters for proof of status

Obtaining Status Card

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada will be issuing a new Secure Certificate of Indian Status in April 2011. After the new status card is available your current status card will continue to be valid until it reaches its renewal date.

In order to apply for a new card, you will need to present certain identity doucments along with your application.

Children 15 years of age an under will need to be accompanied by a parent of legal guardian with valid forms of photo identification. (Legal guardians will also require documentation of guardianship). The child will need to present an original birth certificate (long and short form)( and one piece of ID.)

Registered Indians under 16 years and older will need:

  • Your old Status Card
  • Your original birth certificate (long and short form); AND
  • A valid passport (or other form of identification see below)

If your older Status Card is damaged or lost, you will need:

  • A statutory declaration (confirming status);
  • Your original birth certificate (long and short form); AND
  • A valid passport (or two other forms of identification)

Other valid forms of identification include:

  • Driver’s License (provincial or territorial)
  • Student ID (with digitized photograph)
  • Governement -issued employee ID card (with digitized photograph)
  • Other federal, provincial/territorial ID card
  • An ID card from one of the 29 INAC recognized self-governing First Nations (with digitized photograph)

If you would like more information contact Alice at 250-256-4800