The Housing departments’ objective is to oversee all aspects of housing for the Xaxli’p Community.

This includes new construction project management, renovation funding submissions and management, rent/arrears monitoring and collection, admistering repairs and maintenance requests, annual house insurance renewals, finanical managements of program budgets for all Xaxli’p owned rental units.

Xaxli’p Housing Committee Mission Statement

The Xaxli’p Housing Committee will work in partnership and cooperation with Chief and Council and the community members to provide safe, healthy and affordable housing for Xaxli’p members; and to implement the housing program through a fair, equitable and efficient application of housing policies.

Please submit letters of interest to the Housing Manager

Housing Committee

Are you interested in being a member of the Xaxli’p Housing Committee?

Any Xaxli’p member who is interested in being part of the committee please submit a letter of interest explaining why you would like to be a member of the Xaxli’p Housing Committee. Letters are to be submitted to the housing manager for review with Chief and Council Portfolio for selection

To be eligible to sit on the Committee, you must be a Xaxli’p Member and be in good financial standing with Xaxli’p and the Housing Department. Committee member will sit for two (2) year terms.

Housing Documents