The Finance Clerk is responsible for the following financial Duties:

  • Processes and records routine transactions
  • Pay accounts payable on time to avoid interest and late payment charges
  • Posts to accounts payable
  • Prints all cheques such as payroll, service cheques, etc.
  • Prepares T4s, Records of Employment
  • Provides employment recommendations as requested by outside agencies.
  • Records cash reciepts as required
  • Prepares quarterly report of WCB
  • Prepares monthly reporting to Reciever general to meet required deadlines
  • Prepares monthly reporting of Liabilities
  • Answers telephone inquiries related to the Xaxli’p Finance Department, using descretion in providing requested
  • information
  • Carries out filing, faxing and photocopying duties
  • Reconciles and prepares accounts for year end audit
  • Ensures all monies are stored in the safe at the end of each business day, and other duties and responsibilities in the performance of the position as needed and as assigned by the Finance Manager

Cheque Writing Policy

Xaxli’p Finance Department has reviewed its cheque writing procedure and
we have come up with a cheque writing policy. These changes are not to
make it difficult for band members; the intension IS better time management
for finance staff and cheque signors.

We have had a cheque writing policy that we have implemented with other
department manager for over a year now; this policy was used very loosely.
The policy will need to be enforced immediately.

Cheques will be processed on Wednesdays only, all requests will be
complied from Thursday to Wednesday, if a request comes to
Finance on Thursday the cheque will not be processed until the
following Wednesday.

Distribution of cheques will be on Friday, and they can be pick-up
from the department manger(s). Finance will on longer distribute
cheques, if you request a cheque from one of the department
managers you are requested to pick-up the cheque from that
department. Please do not call finance to see if a cheque is
processed, contact the department head only.

There will be exceptions to the above policy when it comes to patient
travel and emergency. Unless it falls within these two categories a
cheque Will not be processed until Wednesday.

Once again this is not to inconvenience band membership, it is better use
finance 5 time for other financial duties.